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What to do off-peak?



February 7 , 2018 | Posted by admin | No Comments

What to do off-peak?

Traditionally February is a slower time on the island. The Christmas holidays have finished and the school kids have left, the temperature is rising, and so is the humidity.  Many people choose to stay away and locals take the time to get a breather before the Easter school holidays.  But you shouldn’t let that put you off, there’s still plenty of reasons to visit the island:

  1. There are less people on the island. So that’s even more space on our 23 secluded bays and beaches.
  2. Its cheaper to get to. Its low season so flights and accommodation generally drop in price, and you’ll have more choice when you get here.
  3. Water Temperatures  – up from a chilly 23C in winter, the water sits at around 27C even up to 29C at times. No excuse for saying its too cold for a swim!
  4. The animals don’t go on holiday. Less people means you’re more likely to see or hear the animals as the island and its roads are quieter.  You might need to head out a bit ealier to catch the wallabies though as they tend to hide during the day.
  5. Two Snorkel Trails. What better way to cool off in the heat than spending an hour or two finding Nemo and swimming over Giant Clams on the snorkel trails?  The ocean water temperature is about 27C in February so you can stay in longer. Just remember to wear a stinger suit. They can be hired a a number of places around the island.
  6. Fish – whether you are in the water looking for them or on the water catching them they’re around. For the anglers amongst you February means its Barra Season. You’ll find them off the points at Horseshoe Bay, Arthur Bay, and along the Mangroves from Bolger to Young Bay.  GT’s and Queenies are also around. Call into our friends at Fish’N’Fuel’N on Mandalay Avenue for up to date info and fishing gear hire: https://fishnnfueln.com.au/
  7. JellyFish – Yes we are in stinger season, but we have two safe swimming netted areas on the island. One at Picnic Bay and one at Horseshoe Bay. Elsewhere we recommend stinger suits.
  8. Eating – Whilst some restaurants do close, there are still many that are operating especially the 3 pubs on the island. Fantastic views, large portions, reasonable prices and ice-cold beer. Need I say more?
  9. Air-Conditioned Bus Tours – What better way to experience the glorious views and vistas on the island than from inside our bus and its ice-cold air-con?

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